I Funded By Remessa, How Can I Request A Withdrawal?

Go to your Remessa online account

Click “receive value from International broker”

Here your Remessa’s bank account details will appear (both the intermediary bank and the beneficiary bank), for example:

Clients MUST inform us with both beneficiary bank details and the intermediary bank details to ensure the correct credit in your international account.

The best way to do this is update a screenshot into your client area under ‘verify withdrawal method’

Go to: https://client.valutrades.com/funding/verify-withdrawal-method

Select the withdrawal method as bank transfer

Where it says ‘Additional details’ you can write ‘Remessa online - see uploaded screenshot’

Where it says statement, upload your screenshot from your Remessa account, like the above example (of the Remeesa area)

Example of how your ‘verify withdrawal method’ form should be filled in:


You can then go and request a withdrawal , you can fill in the form like the below example:

Request 2

If you have already uploaded a screenshot in the past and your account details haven’t changed, you can write ' Remessa withdrawal - screenshot uploaded from previous withdrawal'

Our finance team can then check and process your withdrawal within 24 working hours

Funds typically arrive back to your Remessa account within 1-5 working days


If you have any additional questions, please do not heistate to contact us by email (support@valutrades.com), phone (+442031410888) or live chat.