How Do I withdraw My Funds?

  1. Go to your client area
  2. Under the funding section and select ‘withdraw’
  3. It will then take you to a withdrawal request form
  4. Select the account you wish to withdraw from
  5. This should be numeric and not include any letters e.g USD 
  6. Minimum withdrawal is 50 (unless it is your full balance) 
  7. You can then select your payment method
  8. Please note it will only allow you to request a payment method that you have previously deposited by. This is due to FCA regulation and anti- money laundering policies
  9. If you cannot see your required withdrawal method, please see section ‘How Do I Verify My Withdrawal Method’ –
  10. If you can see your required withdrawal method fill in your account details in the relevant fields
  11. If you have any additional payment instructions we should know about, please state them in this section
  12. If you are comfortable doing so,  please fill in the reason for your withdrawal
  13. Then press ‘submit’
  14. The finance team will then process your withdrawal within 24 working hours

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email, live chat or phone call +442031410888.