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Will I encounter slippage in my Valutrades account?

ECN account

We are providing our clients with the real market conditions. This means that we are passing what receive from our liquidity providers direct to our clients without any changes. Unfortunately, slippage is an ever-present risk when trading and it’s part of market conditions. Please do note that wide spreads and slippage are common during the time of rollover and times of high volatility, and we ask clients to be cautious of this when placing orders during these periods.

Original account

We add spread to Original accounts. However, this does not mean we add slippage to Original accounts. We get raw prices from our liquidity providers and then add a markup. Unfortunately, clients can possibly encounter slippage due to volatile market conditions.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team via live chat, email (support@valutrades.com) or telephone (+442031410888).