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Why does pricing appear different between brokers for Cash Products?

When trading the financial markets most products will have a centralized location where prices originate from. In the case of Foreign Exchange this would be the EBS and Reuters interbank market and incase of USOil futures this would be the CME-Nymex futures exchange.

Often when a broker offers a cash based CFD product like USOilCash or US30Cash there is no centralized location for price origination.

Taking USOilCash as an example, here is not actually a centralized location for USOilCash so each broker must create a price by taking the USOil futures prices, cost of oil storage and USD interest rates to calculate the cash price.

It is common that different brokers will base the cash prices off different futures months expiries and different storage and interest rates that the prices are not always consistent between brokers.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how other brokers calculate their prices so we are unable to align our prices with theirs.

If you have any further questions please contact our customer support team.