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Why Does My Chart Only Show One Price (Bid Price)? And How Can I View the Current Ask Price on My Platform?

MT4 and MT5 charts show the Bid price by default.

For example, if you look at a single candlestick:



Every price stated in the description of the candlestick is the Bid price.

When executing a Buy order, you will notice a difference in the price you have been filled to the visual price you will see on your chart. This is because Buy orders get executed at the Ask price. Whereas charts only show the Bid price.

Please also keep in mind when placing a pending Buy order such as a “limit” and “Stop”, the order will only execute when the Ask price has reached the price intended. If the chart is at the price at which the pending order has been placed then this will not necessarily trigger the order as the chart only shows the Bid price. This is also the same for when placing a “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” if your original order is a SELL.

As candlesticks only show Bid pricing, there is no option to view historical Ask pricing.

How Can I View the Current Ask Price on My Platform?

There are two places in which you can set the current Ask price:

  1. One Click Trading

  2. Ask price line on the Y-Axis 

How Can I Activate 'One Click Trading?'


  1. Right Click on your chart

  2. Select “One Click Trading”

Here you will be able to see the current Bid (sell) and Ask (buy) price with the capability to place trades with only a click of a button.

How Can I Activate the 'Ask Price Line' on the Y-Axis?

  1. Right Click on your chart and select “Properties”

  2. Within the Properties pop up window, please select the tab “Common”

  3. Tick “Show Ask line”

  4. Click on “Ok”

Here you will be able to view the current Ask price as a line within your chart. This will simultaneously move with the default current Bid price.


If you have any questions or need assistance on this topic please contact our customer support team by live chat, email (support@valutrades.com) or telephone (+442031410888)