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When I Try to Download the MT4/MT5 Platform using Safari Web Browser, I Get a Message Saying 'Download Connection not Private,' - What Should I Do?

Safari has built-in security features to protect you against deceptive, harmful, and suspicious websites so sometimes flags a message saying 'download connect not private' when you are trying to perform a download from anywhere other than the Mac store. 


Please be assured that when downloading anything from Valutrades or MetaQuotes that this is not the case, as Valutrades and MetaQuotes websites are secure.


If you are having issues downloading Metrader 4 or 5 using the Safari web browser, please try using Google Chrome to access the download link. 


If you have any questions or if the issue persists, please contact our support team by live chat, email (support@valutrades.com) or phone (+442031410888)