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What is Valutrades Leverage Policy?

Due to ESMA regulation Valutrades retail accounts can have a maximum leverage of 1:30 (for FX major), 1:20 (for index major and FX minor), and 1:10 (for Oil and index minor).

In order to use higher leverage, Valutrades retail clients can apply to be classified as Valutrades Elective Professional.

Valutrades Elective Professional or Seychelles account holders may have a maximum leverage of 1:500. This will however depend on the equity of the account:


Maximum Leverage Offered

< USD 50,000


USD 50,000 - USD 100,000


> USD 100,000



The leverage band and equity requirements are monitored daily.


Any accounts in breach of the requirements will receive a notification from the Valutrades support team on what steps to take.


If this is the first time your account is in breach of the leverage, you may receive a margin reserve account. To read more information on this please see article:



If you do not respond to the support team’s notification within reasonable time (2 hours) ,we reserve the right to change your leverage. This will be done immediately if there are no open positions but if the account has open positions it will be done at 17.00 GMT the following day or over the weekend if the account is breaching the requirements on a Friday.


If your leverage is changed you will receive confirmation of this to the support team.


If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact the support team by phone (+442031410888), email (support@valutrades.com) or live chat.