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Trading Futures - What happens to my position if the contract expires? Can I keep my position open?

On a scheduled basis, our monthly futures contracts expire and the next available futures contracts becomes available to trade. Clients are required to self roll if they wish to keep their Futures orders open after the expiry date.

You can also find the schedule inside our client area.

 If you want to know more about rollover, please check this page: What is Rollover, why does it occur and where can I find the Rollover Dates?

What happens if I have a position I do not wish to close and the expiration date is nearing ?

If you still want exposure in the expiring product, you should open the same size and direction in the next available month. If the Order is still open an hour before expiry, we would close the position at some point before the market close at the prevailing market rate.

Let’s say I’m not making a profit, would it be cancelled on the due date and would it count as a loss on my account?

Unfortunately, the trade will be closed at a loss. However, you can continue that trade by opening the same size and side on the next available month.

For example, I trade 1 lot of USOilFeb and the current floating profit is $500. How can I switch to USOilMar without losing my position?

Your original trade will lock in the $500 profit when you close it but you can continue the position within your MT platform by finding symbol USOilMar and then open another 1 lot of USOilMar.

Why can I still see an expired contract (e.g USOILFeb) inside the platform?

Even though you can still see it, you will not be able to trade it. We set the expiring symbols to close only approximately 2 days before they expire to allow traders with open positions to close them. These symbols remain in our systems available for when the same contract for the following year becomes available.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team by email (support@valutrades.com) live chat or phone (+4420 3141 0888)