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How Do I Open a Live Account and What are the Benefits?

How do I open a live account with Valutrades?

Thank you for choosing to open a Valutrades UK and/or Valutrades Seychelles account.

You can also use our Valutrades Quick Authentication to open an account in 2 minutes, please check this page: How do I verify my live account using VQA (Valutrades Quick Authentication)?

What are the benefits of having a live account with Valutrades?

Please check our blog: 8 Benefits of Trading with Valutrades

If you are still unsure about opening a live account, please feel welcome to practice and test our services on our free demo account which is available for both Valutrades UK and Valutrades Seychelles: 


If you have any questions related to this topic please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team by live chat, phone (+442031410888) or email (support@valutrades.com).