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How do I manage two factor security (2FA) for my Valutrades client area?

If you are a new customer, please make sure that you have registered for an account on our website.  Need to register? Watch this video:

What are the benefits of using two factor security?

  • This will act as an extra layer of security for your client area so your details are protected.

  • If there is no authentication code, no one will be able to login to your client area even though they have the client area password and your registered email address.

How to do it?

  • Login to your client area page. You can check this page for more details: How do I login to my Valutrades client area?

  • Click “Profile”

  • Click “Enable Two Factor"

  • You will be given a QR code that you need to scan via Google Authenticator App

  • Once you have scanned the QR code, you will be given 6 numbers that you need to enter inside “Code” and then click “Enable”

  • If the correct code has been entered and the attempt is successful, you will see this:

  • Each time you want to login to your client area, after entering your registered email address and client area password, you will see this page:

  • This means you will need to check your Google Authenticator app for the code and enter it inside the login page.

For more information about where to download and how to use Google Authenticator app, please check:

How to disable the 2 factor security?

  • Inside the “Profile” page, you can click “Disable Two Factor”

  • Please click “OK” if you wish to continue

If you are still experiencing issues after following these steps, please contact our support team by email (support@valutrades.com), live chat or telephone (+442031410888).