How Can I Transfer My funds between my accounts?

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At Valutrades you are able to transfer your funds between accounts freely and instantly, providing:

  1. You are a regular trader and have enough free margin on your account

  2. You are a regular trader and your account is not under a MAM

  3. Or if you are an affiliate and have signed their agreement.

This is done automatically by our system at the moment of request and does not charge clients any fees.

If your accounts are in different currencies it will automatically convert your funds (at the spot rate +/- 100 pips).


Clients also have the ability to transfer funds across entities (Valutrades UK and Valutrades Seychelles) providing they have used the same email for each entity and have verified their email address at both entities within the client area.

In order to do an internal transfer:

  1. You will need to login to your client area

  2. Go to "My Funds"

  3. Click "Transfer Funds Between Accounts" 



4. You will need to choose the account you would like deduct the funds from

5. And the account you would like to credit the funds, using the drop down menu

6. You will then need to fill in the amount you would like to transfer. If your accounts are in different currencies our system will convert this for you using the spot rate

7. Once everything is filled in, click submit and your request will be processed.

As an example:


Some situations which can prevent an automatic transfer between your accounts and how to solve these:


1. You receive an error message saying "Transfers are prohibited from this account. If you need more information contact customer support."



If your "from account" starts with 3002xxx or 8002xxx (as shown by the above example), this means the account is an Affiliate rebate account and you will need to sign your affiliate agreement in order to carry out an internal transfer. Inside client area, you will need to go to "Affiliate Resources" and click "Affiliate Agreements" or use this link:


Once affiliate agreement has been signed, please contact our support team and we will check it for you. Once checked and confirmed, you will be able to do an internal transfer from/to your rebate account freely.


2. If your live account is part of a MAM group you will be prohibited from freely processing your own internal transfers. This is because it is likely you have signed a profit share agreement and profit share may need to be paid to your Money Manager before you can move your funds.


In this situation please contact our support team who will check if you are due to pay and profit share and then manually process your transfer for you.


3. You have both Valutrades UK and Valutrades Seychelles accounts, however you cannot see the one of the entities accounts inside the internal transfer page.

-Please make sure that you have confirmed your email address on both entity’s profiles. You can do this by going to the "Profile" menu and check "Email Confirmed" section.

If you have not confirmed your email address at both entities your client area will look like this:


You will need to click "No, Resend email"

Then please check your email inbox folder for the confirmation email (if you cannot see it, please check your spam/junk folder).
Once confirmed, your client area will look like this:


Please note that you need to this for your Valutrades UK and Valutrades Seychelles profiles.

Valutrades UK:

Valutrades Seychelles:

If you have any questions about this topic or issues with the password reset, please contact our support team by live chat, email ( or phone (+442031410888).