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Does Valutrades offer trading courses?

Valutrades offers a lot of useful resources to our clients, one of which is free trading course.

  1. We work with Key Zone Traders to provide a free online trading course for everyone.

    1. Key Zone Traders Free Trading Course: this course will introduce you to the core principles of risk management and provide you with resources for traders of all levels of experience.

    2. 7 Steps To Start Trading: this is a beneficial course if you want to learn to trade but unsure where to start.

  2. We also offer free trading course on our Youtube channel where you can find all the basic courses to prepare you to be a successful trader.

Moreover, we also offer lesson plans with 3 different levels for our clients, which are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


We highly recommend you to check below links as this is tailored for traders who want to begin their trading journey where they can master the basics.

  1. Webinars: Trade Better with Free Forex Signals and Avoiding Fear and Greed

  2. Forex Trading Course: You will learn how to open a demo account and get ready for trading.

  3. Ebook: 4 Biggest Reasons Why You Lose with Forex

  4. Blogs:

    1. 6 Common Misconceptions of Forex Traders

    2. 4 Tools to Help You Create a Successful Forex Trading Strategy

    3. How Much Money Do the Top Forex Traders Make


If you are familiar with the basics for trading, please check below links to improve your trading skills.

  1. Webinars: MT4 and MT5 for Intermediate Traders and Market Charts and Patterns

  2. Guide: 9 Effective Forex Trading Strategies

  3. Blogs:

    1. Risk Management Strategies: How and When to Walk Away

    2. Common Chart Patterns: A Forex Cheat Sheet


If you want to explore different tactics to be a savvier trader, please check below links.

  1. Webinars: How to Trade Harmonic Patterns in Forex and Alternative Methods to Visualise Price

  2. Blog:

    1. How to Hedge a Forex Trade to Make Money in Both Directions

    2. End of Day Forex Trading: How to Find Signals and Potential Breakouts

    3. How to Use Forex Pattern Recognition Software

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team via live chat, email (support@valutrades.com) or telephone (+442031410888).