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Does Valutrades offer Hedging and Netting?

What is Hedging mode In MT5?

This is when you can place a BUY and SELL trade in the same symbol and size within your account and both trades remain active.

What is Netting mode in MT5?

This is when you have an active trade within your account (BUY or SELL) and if you place a trade with the same symbol and size in the opposite direction of your original trade, the trade will net off and close the original order.

For example, if you place a trade for BUY EUR/USD for 1 lot and then SELL EUR/USD for 1 lot. The position will be closed. This can work the same way if you wish to close half of your order. You would simply trade half of the volume traded in your original order and trade the opposite direction.

How do I change modes?

When creating an MT5 account, your account will automatically be in Hedging mode. To enable Netting mode you must place a request to Valutrades Support and we will move your account into Netting mode.

Please note: You must not have any open positions in order to be moved to a different mode.

For follow up questions, please contact our support team by email (support@valutrades.com), live chat or telephone (+442031410888).