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Do Valutrades offer MAM accounts?

To learn more about Valutrades MAM offering please watch the following video and read the below text:

What is a MAM account?

MAM stands for ‘Multi Account Manager’

At Valutrades a MAM is an account type which allows you to manage multiple MT4 accounts simultaneously via the platform ‘Meta FX’.

It’s the ideal solution for money managers who need to control multiple trading accounts from a single trading platform.

More information about the MAM account type at Valutrades please check out our MAM brochure.

What is a MAM master?

MAM master is someone who manage and trade on behalf on clients (sub) using MAM account on the MetaFx platform.

Do you offer PAMM?

We offer MAM (Multi Account Manager) account only.

What is the process of opening a MAM account?

Firstly, you will need to open a live account with us and afterward you can contact our support team. You also can request by email (support@valutrades.com for Valutrades UK and
support@valutrades.sc for Valutrades Seychelles) using the following template:

  1. White Label: (choose one) Valutrades UK or Valutrades Seychelles

  2. Currency:

  3. Account: (choose one) Live or Demo

  4. Server: (choose one) New York or Hong Kong

  5. Leverage: (Please note that Valutrades UK only offers 1:30 leverage for retail client whereas Valutrades Seychelles offers up to 1:500 leverage)

Please note that Valutrades Seychelles only offer USD accounts. And that all sub accounts must use the same currency as the MAM master.

What is the minimum deposit?

We do not have a minimum deposit for a MAM account.

How do I fund MAM account?

MAM master’s account cannot be funded into. The only way it gets funds is by having sub accounts placed under your MAM group. We allow MAM Masters to put their own individual trading accounts under the MAM group so they can trade their own funds along with their clients.

Is there a limit on how many accounts can be added under MAM account?

There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can place under a MAM.

How many MAM accounts can I have?

You can have 3 active MAM Master accounts and if you are looking for more, please contact our support team.

How do you setup sub MAM accounts?

Once their live account has been opened, they will need to complete and send 2 documents (LPOAFD) to our support team:

  1. LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney). This document is mandatory to setup a MAM as it forms the legal basis that the sub is giving permission for the master to execute trades on the sub account.

  2. Fee Disclosure (FD). Typically the MAM Master is looking to generate some income for themselves when they are setting up a MAM and they do this be getting the sub to pay them according to the fee disclosure. Fees can be paid as any or a combination of commission, pip markup or profit share

Once we have received the documents (completed by MAM Master and sub), our team will then move the account under the MAM account.

Please note we need to receive the documents from the sub's email address.

When is profit share credited to MAM masters?

This is calculated and credited to the MAM's rebate account normally within the 1st 10 working days of each month.

Where can I find the MAM Manager software? How do I login into it?

You can download the MAM software in the client area downloads section. When you launch the software you have to import the license file (provided by us) and enter the MAM master account login and password. You can confirm everything has been setup correctly and finally, if the system accepts the details and it will log you in.

What is the function of this MAM Manager software?

MAM Master uses the MAM Manager to allocate funds, activate subs and manage subs but for actual trading, MAM Master logs with MAM login in MT4 and trades like he would on a normal account.

Is it possible to hide the MAM trades from subs' accounts?

Unfortunately not. If the subs' funds are being used to execute trades then it will be impossible for subs to not see the trades.

How can subs see MAM master’s trades?

They can see the trades inside the account that joins the MAM or MAM master can provide the subs with the investor password so they can monitor the trades. Please see: How do I create/change an Investor Password?

Can I use EA for MAM trading?

Yes, you can.


If you have any questions about this topic please contact our support team by live chat, email (support@valutrades.com) or phone (+442031410888).